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Workplace Strategy: the development of solutions that link business strategy to workplace initiatives.


Great companies make the employees’ experience of going to work better. At CBRE Canada, we help our clients create real advantage through their workplace and real estate.

We engage with leading corporations and institutions who are committed to improving the performance of their workplace, by providing counsel in the areas of workplace assessments, strategy development, portfolio planning, workplace design, financial analysis and organizational change.

We work with companies of all sizes – most importantly those who are motivated to create a work environment that attracts and retains the best talent. We partner with organizations looking to improve employee productivity and satisfaction through their space, an environment that jumpstarts collaboration and innovation, and that drives organizational change and realignment. We help our clients reduce their carbon footprint and increase the efficiency of their real estate and technology investments.

– We make recommendations based on data about how your people work and how they use space

– We drive efficiencies by rethinking how you allocate space to individuals and teams

– We help you manage the change through communication and training

Our team

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Lisa Fulford-Roy

Senior Vice President, Client Strategy

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Loren Bergmann

Managing Director, Workplace Strategies


Project Management

  • Generate the most value from projects and portfolios while minimizing risk
  • Get holistic, independent leadership that projects require
  • Over 245 project management professionals providing scalable solutions

Move Management

  • Minimize downtime and enhance employee satisfaction
  • Planning, strategy, and timing behind a move set the stage for success
  • A full-service delivery team of experienced relocation professionals

Change Management

  • Build a roadmap for positive change for all your project stakeholders
  • Don’t just eliminate resistance, prevent it from happening
  • Implement practical tools, processes and formats to garner positive feedback